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Rioting harms South African poultry operations

Poultry plants facing arson threats, while chicks cannot be placed on farms and feed ingredients can’t be delivered
Rioting in South Africa has had harsh effects on the country’s poultry industry, causing supply chain disruptions, theft and struggles to get feed to the birds in live production.
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Aviagen plans to build new hatchery in Longview, Texas

Broiler breeding company continues to grow its regional footprint due to high demand in North America and beyond
In response to a strong demand for broiler breeding stock throughout North America and across the globe, Aviagen plans to begin construction on a new hatchery in September.
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Sanderson: Breeding problems can be worse in NAE programs

When working with certain breeds, it can be like ‘walking on a knife’s edge’ to get them to produce a fertile egg and not get overweight
Ordinary problems with hatchability and livability can be further complicated when the breeding stock and pullets are raised as part of no antibiotics ever (NAE) programs, the CEO of Sanderson Farms said.
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Tyson Foods changing male breeding stock

Company says part of its broiler supply challenges are related to a ‘bad decision’ on a breeding male
The president of Tyson Foods’ chicken business said the company is making a change to the males used in its breeding program in an effort to improve its broiler supply situation.
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State-of-the-art hatchery inaugurated in southeastern Vietnam

Last week, the official inauguration took place of a large modern poultry hatchery in Tay Ninh province by the Bel Ga Joint Stock Company.

Southeastern Vietnam’s latest hatchery has an initial annual production capacity of more than 19 million chicks — for both the meat and egg sectors. In its second phase, this will rise to 38.4 million.

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