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How Cargill is promoting gender equality in Latin America

A policy of diversity, equity and inclusion is evident in the company’s new broiler breeder farm in Colombia.

Cargill is helping to foster gender equality in the Latin American poultry industry through hiring and promoting solely on merit and providing the infrastructure that allows women to fully participate in the workforce.

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How to optimize receipt of eggs at the hatchery

Following these key checks will ensure that only the best eggs are allowed into the hatchery.
If hatcheries are to produce the best quality eggs, they must only hatch the best quality eggs. Learn how to decide which eggs enter the hatchery and which should be rejected.
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Broiler breeders need gender-specific drinkers, lines

Having separate drinking lines for males and females can result in less water spillage and the environmental problems that come with wet litter

Broiler-breeder producers who use the same water lines for male and female birds are likely wasting more water and doing a disservice to their birds.

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Slower growing broilers coming in 2026

A portion of the domestic industry will be raising slower growing birds in the future. Exactly how much is unclear.

The U.S. broiler industry faces a sizeable challenge in a potential widescale transition to slower growing broiler genetics by 2026.

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NPM Capital selling 50% stake in Hendrix Genetics

The new half-owner of the company will be Paine Schwartz Partners

NPM Capital will sell its stake in Hendrix Genetics to Paine Schwartz Partners, a global investment firm with a focus on the sustainable food chain. 

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Tyson Foods: Hatch rate has improved

Company goes back to breeding male that has provided good results for years

Six months after Tyson Foods’ Donnie King said its male breeding stock was not performing as it should, he pointed out that the company is not dealing with the same problems now that a change in its male stock has been made.

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