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A second 1988 for poultry industry wouldn’t be the same

Industry-wide shift to slower-growing broilers could bring about the need for additional 4 million tons of feed and over 6,700 additional chicken houses
It would not be realistic for the chicken industry to revert back to the type of breeds used in 1988, a leading poultry industry economist says.
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FFAR awards $1.4 million in hen health research grants

University studies will benefit as the money is to be spent on improving health and productivity of hens through various theories of research
University studies will benefit as grant money from the FFAR is to be spent on improving health and productivity of hens through various theories of research.
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Costa named Hubbard do Brasil general manager

Carlos Antonio Costa has been with Hubbard since 2010
Hubbard is pleased to announce the appointment of Carlos Antonio Costa as General Manager of Hubbard do Brasil, a fully owned subsidiary of Hubbard SAS.
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Nippon Chunky celebrates 50 years with Ross

On November 7, 2017 Nippon Chunky, the exclusive Ross distributor in Japan, held a celebration for 50 years of well-deserved success with its strong promotion and support of the broiler breeder, as well as its dedication to providing the best after-sales service for a growing customer base in the local market.
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Koch Foods renovating hatchery in Henagar, Alabama

Facility will have a weekly setting capacity of more than 3.7 million eggs
Koch Foods is completely renovating its hatchery in Henagar, Alabama. When the project is completed, the facility is expected to be the largest fully integrated, single stage broiler hatchery in the Western Hemisphere.
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Hy-Line International meets with US ambassador to China

Ambassador urged to assist with opening China market to poultry breeding stock imports
Hy-Line International, the world leader in layer poultry genetics, recently met with U.S. Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, during his visit to Des Moines, continuing a series of discussions urging the Ambassador to provide all possible assistance in opening the China market to imports of US poultry breeding stock.
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