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How hatcheries can be ready for animal welfare audits

If you follow the guidelines of the NCC animal welfare audit program, you will be well on your way to passing most welfare audits

While there is a wide variety of auditing programs that assure that poultry hatcheries are following good welfare practices, the National Chicken Council (NCC)-based animal welfare audit guidelines in most cases will put hatchery managers in a “very good position for any audit that a customer our outside firm might do,” said Dallas Wynn, senior manager, animal welfare, Tyson Foods.

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HatchTech building new corporate headquarters

Construction to begin in mid-2021 and will take about a year to complete
HatchTech Group is constructing a new corporate headquarters. Just like the current HatchTech locations, the new corporate office will be located in Veenendaal, the Netherlands.
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ISU developed poultry genetic lines as discovery platform

The inbreeding of the lines provides a consistency among the individual birds of each line that makes molecular studies more efficient
The total set of eight lines is very diverse, with representatives of very old commercial lines, small and large body sizes, and some lines that are very distinct from commercial type birds.
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Aviagen expands with Argentinian subsidiary

With facilities in the San Juan province, Aviagen becomes first poultry breeding company with a local operation in Argentina
Aviagen has opened a new subsidiary in Latin America -- Aviagen Argentina. Located in the San Juan province and consisting of a grandparent (GP) farm, a parent stock (PS) hatchery and feed processing facility, Aviagen Argentina will become the first poultry breeding operation independent of integrations with local production in Argentina.
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First chicken hatchery in Oman ready to start production

Osool Poultry Company hopes to start production at hatchery in a matter of weeks
By mid-January of 2021, the Osool Poultry Company of the Sultanate of Oman is scheduled to start production of hatching eggs. The first chicken hatchery in the country, it aims to help raise food security, and reduce reliance on imports.
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Hendrix Genetics appoints Jolanda van Haarlem as future CEO

A change in leadership and governance structure is part of Hendrix Genetics’ Vision 2025 strategic plan
Hendrix Genetics, a global multi-species animal genetics company, has appointed Jolanda van Haarlem to become the company’s next chief executive officer (CEO).
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