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Survey reveals Scottish backyard poultry disease threat

A recent study indicates that many backyard poultry keepers and small egg producers lack knowledge of good biosecurity practices to keep avian influenza and other diseases at bay
New research has revealed a gap in knowledge about disease control practices in many of Scotland’s small-scale poultry keepers and egg producers.
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German meat output in decline

Broiler meat output increases while all other meats see drop in output
Total meat production from commercial slaughterhouses in Germany in 2017 was two percent or 167,000 metric tons (mt) below the previous year’s level at 8.11 million metric tons (mmt).
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DSM sees strong fourth quarter in 2017

Company benefited from vitamins A and E shortages in Europe
DSM says it saw strong performance in the fourth quarter of 2017, contributing to an excellent year for the company.
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2 Sisters set to refocus its UK poultry operations

UK company seeks to expand workforce at 5 plants while it considers closing 3
The largest poultry meat company in the United Kingdom (U.K.), 2 Sisters Food Group is planning to create new jobs at five of its poultry sites, and to close production at three other locations.
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Neovia acquires French mineral feed company

Purchase of Pilardière Group adds to investment in France
Neovia has acquired the Pilardière Group, which is the third largest producer of mineral feeds and nutritional specialties on the French market.
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Insect proteins inch toward approval for EU animal feed

After the authorization for insect proteins in aquafeed in July 2017, Europe may accept insect proteins for poultry and pig feeds in 2019.
Europe partially lifted its ban on seven species of insects for use as a feed ingredient for aquafeed. This authorization may open the door wider to accept their use as a raw material for poultry and pig feed in 2019.
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