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Latvian egg company invests in expansion

Latest investment by Aluksne Poultry Farm will increase its egg production by more than one-third.

Based in the northeast of Latvia, Aluksne Poultry Farm has recently officially opened its most recent poultry house. This latest phase of expansion increases the company’s output by 35%.

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Atria Group commits to climate change targets

Finnish poultry and pork company will involve its whole production chain in climate work

Following a plan to greatly expand solar power generation at one if its facilities, Finland-based poultry and pork company Atria Group has announced its commitment to a global climate initiative. 

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avian influenza

Three western European states detect avian flu in poultry

From Belgium, France and Luxembourg come reports of the first cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry of the new season

Just a few days after avian flu was declared resolved in poultry by the respective veterinary authorities of France and the U.K., the disease has already reappeared in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. 

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France, UK declare freedom from avian flu

While avian influenza cases in poultry have declined across Europe in recent months, new cases in have been confirmed in Belgium, Kosovo and Poland.

Earlier outbreak series of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) affecting poultry appear to have been resolved in France and the United Kingdom (U.K.). While the rate of new outbreaks has declined sharply in poultry across Europe in recent months, new cases in poultry have been confirmed in Belgium, Kosovo and Poland.

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Lackluster profitability reported by Scandi Standard

CEO of Swedish-based poultry company Scandi Standard describes the group’s profitability as “unsatisfactory” over the last quarter, despite some positive developments in sales over the period.

Net sales generated by Scandi Standard increased 7% to 2.564 billion krona (SEK; US$298.1 million), according to the latest quarterly report of financial results recently published.

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