Hatchery technology supplier Pas Reform and integration and feed manufacturer Agrobueyca have partnered to expand Agrobueyca's Venezuela operations with a new hatchery.

The Pas Reform Smart single-stage hatchery, capable of producing 1.3 million day-old chicks per week, was completed in July 2011 and incorporates SmartSet setters, SmartHatch hatchers, an entire hatchery climate control system and a comprehensive hatchery automation line. "The new hatchery will deliver levels of automation that we normally only encounter in European hatchery operations, with automatic candling and transfer, in line sexing and in ovo vaccination and an egg grading line with point down setting and prehatch crack detection,” said Ranulfo Ortiz, Agrobueyca's business development manager.


The partnership, according to Pas Reform, allows the company to strengthen its presence in the region and build new relationships between the two companies for long-term growth.