An astonishing nine of 10 respondents to the WATT-Rennier Poultry Confidence Index (take the new survey) said they are likely to keep working after retirement. Nearly two-thirds said they were "very likely" to stay active in the working world.

The trend to work after retirement may be even more pronounced for those in the poultry industry.

New data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, for example, shows that only 74% of the general public said they are likely to keep working after retirement.

The labor-participation rate for workers 55 years of age and older was 42% in 2010 for the general public. This is the highest level since 1975. The current recession most likely played a substantial role in this milestone.


Among those poultry industry personnel who plan to keep working, 68% said they would target the poultry sector. Many said they wanted to continue using the skills they had developed to provide value to an industry they respected.

How this trend will affect the labor pool is not entirely clear, but it could have ramifications down the road for those wanting to break into the industry.

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