Russia's poultry imports dropped by 14 percent, to 420,000 metric tons, in January through November of 2011, according to the Federal State Statistics Service. The country's overall fresh and frozen meat imports went up by 3.1 percent, to 1.3 million metric tons.


Russia’s grain exports rose 12 percent from January through November 2011 and barley shipments grew 8.4 percent. Roughly 15.4 million metric tons of grain were shipped, including 13 million metric tons of wheat and blends with rye, according to the service. Barley exports came in at 1.7 million metric tons. Rice exports dropped 6.2 percent to 145,000 metric tons, sunflower seed exports tripled to 46,900 metric tons and flour exports grew 3.3 times to 572,000 metric tons.