Ukrainian agro-industrial company MHP S.A. increased its poultry production volumes by 7 percent in 2011, producing 384,000 tons of poultry meat compared to 2010's 360,000 tons, according to the company's latest report.


Domestic demand for chicken meat during 2011 remained high and the company was able to sell close to 100 percent of the chicken produced, according to the report. Export sales of chicken for 2011 increased by almost 80 percent compared to 2010 and constituted close to 10 percent of total sales volumes. In 2011 MHP opened new export sales markets in Libya, Lebanon, Uzbekistan and Angola. Average chicken meat sales prices to third parties in 2011 increased by 10 percent, to UAH 15.00 (US$1.87) per kg of adjusted weight from UAH 13.65 (US$1.70) per kg in 2010.