The Bangladesh government has temporarily lifted its ban on imported eggs until June 30 in preparation for Ramadan and to control sharply rising prices, according to the country's commerce ministry.

The price of eggs has increased by 51.06 percent to Tk 36 (US$0.36) for four eggs from Tk 24 (US$0.29) in 2011, according to data from Trading Corporation of Bangladesh. Until now, the government has been allowing egg imports on a case-by-case basis. “Between now and June 30, businessmen can import any quantity of eggs without permission from the commerce ministry,” said a ministry official. “They have to certify, though, that the eggs originated from avian influenza-free countries.”


Daily demand for eggs across the country is 20 million, while the production of all kinds of eggs in the country is 10 million per day, according to data from the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Association. “Our industries will be sufferers, but we have little to do as we cannot produce the required number of eggs,” said MM Khan, secretary general of the association.