A new website, www.AuctionPriceResults.com, provides real-time auction pricing on five categories of commercial equipment: agriculture/construction, food service and food production, lab/medical, industrial machinery and truck/trailer.


The searchable database contains thousands of comparable values of equipment sold at auction around the world. The data is compiled through AuctionPriceResults’ proprietary algorithmic search software and the reporting of hundreds of associated auction houses so that users of the database get the price buyers are willing to pay for the equipment in real time. The price a piece of equipment brings at auction is the most accurate reflection of Actual Cash Value for that piece at that time, information that is an invaluable resource for every party involved in the transfer/exchange of equipment. Buyers, sellers, lenders, auctioneers, insolvency professionals and appraisers can use AuctionPriceResults’ vast database of Actual Cash Value auction comparables to help them better manage their roles in the acquisition and disposition of assets.