The two-year transition period for the European Union's organic food sector to comply with new EU labeling rules ended on June 30. 

On July 1, the EU organic logo became obligatory on all pre-packed organic food products produced in EU Member States which meet the necessary standards. The logo is optional for non-packed and imported organic products. Other private, regional logos will continue to be allowed to appear alongside the EU label. 


The logo not only contains an image of a leaf, but must also show the code number of the control body and the place of farming or agricultural raw materials of the goods. “Our hope is that the EU logo can further develop into a widely recognized symbol of organic food production across the EU, providing consumers with confidence that the goods are produced in-line with the strict EU organic farming standards,” said EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Ciolos. 

The “Euro-leaf” logo was introduced on July 1, 2010, but in order to help operators adapt to the new rules, and to avoid waste of existing packaging, a two-year transition period was allowed before it became compulsory on all products.