Vietnam’s estimated total broiler meat imports for 2012 are forecast to be dramatically higher than 2002, while the country’s broiler meat production is estimated to increase only 4 percent since 2002 numbers, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service's latest report.

Total domestic consumption for 2012, meanwhile, is estimated to be 102 percent higher than 2002. Per-capita broiler meat consumption for 2012 is forecast to be 7.6 kilograms per person, up from 4.26 kilograms per person in 2002. Vietnam's total poultry consumption forecasts for 2012–2021, including chicken and turkey, are for it to climb 37 percent. Total poultry meat production is also estimated to increase 27 percent, while total poultry imports rise 49 percent over the same time frame, according to the Agricultural Marketing Service report.


U.S. broiler meat January–June cumulative total exports to Vietnam are 38 percent below 2011, but substantially above 2002 for the same time frames. To date in 2012 about 76 percent of U.S. broiler meat exports to Vietnam have been leg quarters. Other poultry meat exports are down 68 percent from the same time frames in 2011. However, frozen chicken paws and feet, the largest component of the other poultry meat category so far in 2012, are up 63 percent, according to the report. January–June cumulative turkey meat exports are 145 percent higher than 2011, while in 2002 no turkey meat exports were recorded for comparable time frames to Vietnam.