World Poultry Day is a cause for celebration

There’s plenty of achievements for the industry to cluck about during this holiday.

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The International Poultry Council has declared May 10 to be World Poultry Day. How are you celebrating?

The goal of the celebration is to engage consumers and critics on the important role poultry plays in food security in Europe and around the world. The first World Poultry Day took place in 2012 in Hungary, with other countries joining in as the years progressed.

The poultry industry has a lot to celebrate this year. According to the February 2024 USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report forecasts for per capita consumption of meat from young chickens (broilers) is expected to top 100 pounds for the first time ever, representing a a 324% increase in per capita consumption since 1960. In contrast, per capita turkey consumption has increased by 139% since 1960, but is forecast to be down 18% in 2024 from its peak in 1996.

In addition, global egg demand and consumption has consistently increased over the past 10 years, with consumption in the U.S. projected to be 292.7 eggs per capita. 

In 2022, Robin Horel, president of the IPC, said this about World Poultry Day: “Delivering sustainability, animal welfare, addressing antimicrobial resistance, protecting animal health and wellbeing and increasing consumer trust are some of the core values embraced by the global poultry meat sector.”

And then: “On World Poultry Day we celebrate our animals and the people who look after them every step of the way. Farmers, nutritionists, technicians, veterinarians, employees, operators and transporters, who are passionate about leaving no stone unturned in delivering safe, affordable and nutritious food to people across different cultures and nationalities.”

Attend the International Poultry Council Annual Meeting 2024

The International Poultry Council Annual Meeting 2024, scheduled for May 6-8 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is three days of insights and discussions on how the global poultry sector can take the lead.

Registration is now open.


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