Au Bon Pain, America's café bakery and a leader in the fast casual restaurant category, announced it will become fully cage-free in the supply of eggs for its menu by 2017.

The café chain launched cage-free eggs in 2009, and as of January 2013, 25 percent of its egg sandwich purchases are already cage-free.


The move was one of two decisions announced as the company continues commitments to animal welfare. The other move was to eliminate from its U.S. supply chain pork from animals bred using gestation crates. Specifically, the company says that pork it uses will become 100 percent gestation crate-free also by 2017.

 "Animal welfare and humane treatment have been important values to Au Bon Pain and our customers," said CEO Sue Morelli. "Our announcements reflect those values and continue our commitment. Au Bon Pain also is requiring suppliers to outline timelines and steps to achieve these goals."