VIV has plans to strengthen its intermediary role to help bring about the desired strong growth in Russian livestock farming, and the organization has presented an implementation plan in which international companies in the livestock farming supply chain, governments, scientists and financiers will work together to provide Russian producers with knowledge and technology. This need for knowledge is being met with three themes — MeatMeetings, CropTech-FeedTech and animal health — which will take place during or around VIV Russia 2013.

The event, which is being held May 21–23, at the Crocus Exhibition Centre, Moscow, Russia, typically focuses on the poultry industry. “But given the demand in this country, we are also aiming to help boost the pork supply chain," said Guus van Ham, VIV project manager. "The National Union of Pig Breeders will be holding its annual meeting during VIV, for example. Together with Rabobank we will be presenting the results of the survey of intensive livestock farming in Russia. In a series of economic sessions following directly, we want to help top Russian managers make their organizations more profitable. Another example of events designed to help decision-makers are the MeatMeetings. Meat marketing will play a central role in these sessions. VIV Russia will be providing resources on all levels to help achieve higher quality production and more added value for the consumer. In addition to the sectors mentioned above, VIV Russia will also feature a wide range of turkey meat exhibitors."


According to van Gus, Russia is more receptive to the integral approach than most other countries. “With their history of nationalized industries, the Russians are used to working with an integral supply chain approach," he said. "They have strong production umbrella organizations for pig and poultry farming. With the knowledge and technologies that our exhibitors and partners have at their disposal, we can help boost the position of modern intensive livestock farming in Russia even further. Our aim is to offer the elite of the Russian business community everything we have at our disposal to achieve this.”