Excentials, a Europe-based specialty feed additives supplier, announced its collaboration with Vetim to develop sales, marketing and technical support of Excentials' product range in Central America. Vetim is an animal health and nutrition company based in Costa Rica. Besides collaboration to service that country, Excentials' portfolio will be distributed in Panama by a daughter company of Vetim. The cooperation with Vetim allows Excentials to set foothold in Central America, a main strategic target for Excentials.


Diego Pineda, Excentials area manager for Latin America, said, "We found that the philosophy of the ownership of Vetim is very similar to ours given they're very eager to introduce and develop new nutritional concepts in Costa Rica that have not been discussed before. These efforts require deep technical knowledge of the products and a great communication plan to have direct impact on key decision makers. Vetim can certainly help us in this task."