Adisseo's Selisseo, a nutritional supplement based on Tetrahedron's NutraSelen compound, has received market authorization from the European Commission for use in animal nutrition for all species. Selisseo is the first proprietary organoselenium-based product to be granted a market authorization in Europe for use in animal nutrition.

The other selenium supplements currently available are inorganic selenium salts and selenium-enriched yeasts. Selisseo is safe and provides a high bioavailability, according to the company.


In April 2009, Tetrahedron signed an exclusive global license agreement with Adisseo to use NutraSelen in animal nutrition. Adisseo then took on development of the product under the name of Selisseo. It submitted the authorization application in November 2011. The European Food Safety Agency delivered a favorable opinion in January 2013, and the market authorization was issued by the European Commission in May 2013 for the use of Selisseo in Europe in feed for all species of domestic animals (sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry).