Between June 24-28, Orffa and Micronutrients, feed ingredient suppliers, organized the 1st European Ruminant Trace Mineral Workshop Tour across Denmark, the United Kingdom France, Spain, and Italy within five days.

This first workshop provided information on the importance and solutions for an optimal trace mineral supply in ruminants to 43 leading ruminant nutritionists in Europe. Organizers invited Dr. Jerry Spears, professor emeritus of the Department of Animal Science, North Carolina State University, United States. Spears has 40 years research experience in trace mineral nutrition.


Spears gave an overview trace mineral history and the development of the various types of trace minerals such as inorganic, organic and the new registered hydroxy trace elements. Organizers presented scientific trial results confirming the performance of high quality chelates and hydroxy trace elements. Participants evaluated the bioavailability of various trace element sources, including natural amounts of raw material. They also discussed how to handle high values of sulphur, molybdenum and iron in practical ruminant diets.

Following positive feedback, organizers plan on repeating the workshop in September of this year.