Pig production research that reduces costs, improves product quality, worker health and safety, environmental impact, and addresses practical behavior and welfare questions for the commercial pork value chain is available in the 2012-2013 Prairie Swine Center annual report. 

The pig report includes 14 scientific articles, plus updates on activity in the Center's pig production unit and technology transfer activities for the calendar year 2012. 

Some of the highlights from this year's pig report include: 

*Body weight at nursery exit was greater in piglets offered creep feed for one week prior to farrowing, however less than 40% of piglets consumed creep. By implementing strategies to increase creep feed consumption could net pork producer $1.00/market hog.


*Pigs fed a DON contaminated diet plus spray-dried blood plasma performed as well as pigs consuming a non-contaminated diet.

*Preliminary data suggest that preventative hoof trimming, using a Zinpro FeetFirst chute, reducing the occurrence and severity of lameness in gestation.

*A commercial scale bio-trickling air treatment unit was effective in reducing the levels of ammonia, dust and odor from growing and finishing rooms by 77 percent, 92 percent and 75 percent, respectively.