Biomin announced the dates and locations for its biennial Asia Nutrition Forum, which will feature a theme for 2013 of "NutriEconomics - Balancing Global Nutrition & Productivity" and focus on people, performance, profit and planet. 

The forum will span six cities from October 14-24: Qingdao, China; Guangzhou, China; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo; and Hyderabad, India.

"Survival alone is not enough. We need to progress in order to feed an ever growing world population," says Erich Erber, founder of BIOMIN, director of executive board. "Despite increasing crop yields and more advanced food production techniques, hunger and starvation are problems that still exist today. Where food needs are adequate, the right balance of nutrients is most important, especially for a young child."


At the forum, industry professionals from the poultry, pig, dairy and aquaculture sectors will gather to discuss issues faced by the food and agri-industry today. The forum will include a panel of renown industry experts, including Mary Barton, emeritus professor at the University of South Australia; John Baize, president of John C. Baize and Associates; Robert Van Barneveld, professor at the University of New England and consultant research scientist of Barneveld Nutrition Pty Ltd; and Leonardo Linares, technical service nutritionist of Aviagen.

Addressing the issue of the environment, NutriEconomics will continue to influence the role of animal nutrition in achieving sustainable yet profitable farming. Besides growing competition for agricultural commodities from the food, feed and biofuel sectors, producers are also faced with obligations to cap carbon emissions - a move that will have significant bearing on production costs. By tackling the twin objectives of quality nutrition and economic viability, and concurrently addressing environmental concerns, the forum's focus will be on solutions that pave the way ahead for the future of sustainable animal nutrition.