The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC), a national leader in farmer-directed soybean research, has launched a new soybean research website -- The site features the latest in checkoff-funded research in order to provide Minnesota farmers with new, more efficient and profitable ways to improve soybean yields, soybean quality and environmental performance.

"We feel the investment in research at the University of Minnesota is very important for soybean farmers because we are able to set the direction of the research. The research is targeted towards current farmer needs, making it very timely for us," commented Keith Schrader, farmer from Nerstrand, Minn. and Chairman of the Production Action Team.

The website consists of a downloadable 2013 annual report, videos and research summaries. This will be a resource for farmers looking for the latest information focused on growing soybeans as well as pest management. Issues ranging from iron deficiency chlorosis, aphids and soybean cyst nematode are some of the research content covered.

The investment is made on behalf of Minnesota's soybean farmers; however, research is only the first step in helping soybean farmers improve yields and soybean quality. Just as important as the research itself is the transfer of the technology from the researcher's lab or plot to the farmer's field. The website seeks to provide farmers with the knowledge and implementable tools to help increase yields and profitability.


"For more than 36 years, the soybean farmers of Minnesota, working through check-off dollars, have invested in research that allows them to remain profitable, sustainable and environmentally sound in production agriculture. Their continued investment in the science of agriculture will ensure soybean production is part of Minnesota's farming future," stated Paul Meints, MSR&PC Research Program Manager.

The website contains relevant and easily digestible research information. Videos displaying research on aphids, soybean cyst nematode, breeding and genetics, production research, production hazards, water quality and future research are included. University of Minnesota researchers are featured in the videos, presenting their research findings and making recommendations to growers. These videos were developed to provide farmers with the research and information that can be applied on their farms.

The interactive nature of the website allows farmers to directly connect with researchers at the U of M to get answers to questions on everything from pest and weed control to basic soybean agronomy. It also allows the MSR&PC to continue to stay on top of the latest research results and communicate those results with farmers in real time. Visit to check it out.