Four hundred of the egg industry's leaders will visit Cape Town, South Africa, during the International Egg Commission's (IEC) annual Marketing and Production Conference. The conference runs September 22-26, 2013. 

During the IEC conference, delegates will discuss the latest opportunities and developments within the egg processing sector, the challenges and opportunities facing egg producers, including costs, feed and regulations, and how to maximize marketing strategies to increase egg consumption.


Joanne Ivy, chairman of the IEC, officially opened the conference September 22. "The IEC's role is to represent organizations across all parts of the egg industry internationally and help to maximize business opportunities. This IEC Cape Town conference agenda has been designed to really get to the heart of the issues that you, our members, are facing," she said.  

The key topics that will be discussed in Cape Town include:  

  • How to produce more eggs in the most efficient and effective way  
  • How to increase egg consumption in both developed and developing countries
  • Analysis of egg production costs across the globe
  • Challenges that volatile feed prices are bringing to the egg industry
  • Egg promotion -- how to make a big impact with a small budget