Ross distributor Fortune Taiwan sponsored a two-day seminar in Taipei to promote the Ross brand through education and information exchange, while emphasizing Ross breeder and broiler performance in the domestic market. 

Sutthi Chuang, president assistant of Fortune Taiwan, indicated that over the past two years the market has changed and the increasing breeder and excellent broiler performance has resulted in more people wanting Ross, and are responding to events that offer specific information about the management and production of the bird.

The first day of the seminar, on July 15, was held at Howard Taichung Hotel with the main focus on Taiwanese current parent stock and potential customers. More than 100 people attended the seminar and they represented more than 80 percent of Taiwan total parent stock production.  Participation in the seminar was high with a number of questions arising around nutrition requirements and breeder management of the modern day Ross breeder.

The seminar was opened with an address by A.H. Chuang, president of Fortune Taiwan, which was followed by presentations on Ross' latest genetic updates from Dominic Elfick, international product manager; breeder nutrition by Kim Huang, Technical sales director for Southeast Asia with ABCA; and management of parent stock with Larry Blackstone, technical service manager for Ross in Asia.  The agenda concluded with an open discussion involving all the speakers at the seminar.


The second day of the seminar was organized by the Department of Veterinary Medicine and National Chiayi University and was sponsored by Fortune Taiwan. The university invited more than 300 people and received an overwhelming response to the agenda and to a promotion supporting fresh chicken meat produced in Taiwan over imported chicken meat.

Huang, the director of the Council of Agriculture Animal Husbandry, delivered the opening presentation. The latest genetic update followed, discussing the selection of birds capable of adapting to different environments and creating profitable products in terms of lower feed conversion, more growth and better livability. The nutrition update highlighted the need to adjust nutrition requirements due to the rapid change in product attributes through the genetic improvements from the breeding program. A broiler management presentation addressed key points in optimizing the performance of the commercial broiler. The presentation was followed by a biosecurity update to remind attendees of its importance in a region where diseases like avian influenza remain a constant challenge.

The two-day seminar was well received by attendees interested in learning more about the management and production of Ross breeders and broilers. Fortune Taiwan is the only company involved in the production of grandparents, parent stock and broilers in the local market and welcomed the chance to help support the domestic industry it is a part of over the growing challenge of rising imported product.

Vice President of Ross Asia Orapan Chansawat commented, "The seminar was well supported event by the industry interested in understanding more about how to optimize Ross breeder and broiler management and production. We would like to thank our partners Fortune Taiwan and the support of the National Chiayi University in hosting a seminar encouraging information exchange and addressing the attendees on the urgent need to support and protect the long term future of the local chicken industry."