Microsoft has guaranteed $100,000 in funding to the Humane Society of the United States through its i’m  Initiative. The new initiative connects selected cause-related organizations to Windows Live Messenger users. When joining the program, users will be asked to select a cause organization to benefit from donations generated by their conversations on Windows Live Messenger. The Humane Society is the 10th organization to participate in the program that was kicked off in March.

Every time a user has an i’m conversation, Microsoft shares a portion of the advertising revenue with the participating organization of the user’s choice. There is no set cap on the amount each cause can receive, but Microsoft will make a minimum $100,000 guaranteed donation to each of the 10 organizations during the first year of the program.


According to the Animal Agriculture Alliance, the Humane Society’s Miyun Park, HSUS vice president of farm animal welfare, said in 2006 that the organization’s long-term goal for the egg laying and broiler chicken industry is, “to get rid of the industry.” Kay John, executive vice president of the Animal Agriculture Alliance, says that the alliance is highly concerned about Microsoft teaming with an organization whose leaders have such a radical agenda. Clearly, she says, “someone at Microsoft has not done their homework. Otherwise they would know that the Humane Society of the United States is just like PETA, but in a nice suit.”

The United Egg Producers has sent a letter to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates expressing industry concerns.