Egg sets on the rise

Broiler egg sets are up, while breast meat prices begin to fall.

USDA broiler egg set numbers for the six week period ending June 9, 2007 were up 3.45 percent over the same period last year. Major broiler integrators had cut egg sets last fall in response to weak commodity chicken prices and rising corn costs. Weekly egg sets have been up over last year each week since mid-March. Marketing of these increased numbers seems to coincide with a softening in the price of breast meat.


Commodity chicken prices began to recover this winter and continued to rally into April. The Georgia Dock boneless skinless breast meat price peaked at $1.845 per pound in late April this year. Since that time, it has fallen and the breast meat price was at $1.76 per pound on June 13. Meanwhile, the Georgia Dock whole bird and leg quarter prices continue to climb. The whole bird price was at 0.8075 on June 13, the highest it had been since August of 2004. Leg quarter prices rose to $0.4850 on June 13, this is $0.15 per pound higher that at the same time last year. Leg quarter prices have risen due to strong export demand.


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