Tyson Foods is partnering with Team Rubicon,   a military veterans' group ,  to enhance disaster relief efforts in the United States. The collaboration will combine Team Rubicon's knowledge of logistics planning in the field with Tyson Foods' experience in providing food to victims and volunteers.

As part of the partnership, Tyson Foods will donate a 53 foot semi-trailer that will serve as Team Rubicon's command center during relief efforts. The truck will include sleeping quarters and office and storage space for Team Rubicon's staff and volunteers. Tyson Foods will mobilize the unit alongside the company's Meals that Matter mobile feeding unit, when appropriate, and will work collaboratively onsite to bring assistance to disaster victims and aid workers.

"We're in a lot of communities where we're responsible for making a difference, said Tyson Foods Chairman John Tyson.  "And then you look at these individuals who want to volunteer their time, they volunteered it in the military to protect us, and now they want to volunteer their time to help when there's a different type of disaster going on. It was simply a natural fit that came together."

"Command and control must be established quickly during disasters to ensure that the most pressing needs are met, and this trailer will be a valuable resource," said Jake Wood, cofounder and CEO of Team Rubicon. "We are extremely grateful for Tyson Foods' support of not only our mission, but the continued example they set by providing warm meals to communities in need."


Team Rubicon was established by Wood, and fellow former Marine William McNulty, following the Haiti Earthquake in 2010. What sets the non-profit organization apart from other relief organizations is that it combines the skills and experiences of veterans with those of first responders. Beyond helping disaster survivors, their work helps veterans reintegrate through continued service.

Four years after the quake, Team Rubicon has grown from eight to 14,000 members-most of whom are military veterans. Team Rubicon has 51 missions under its belt now, including Superstorm Sandy, Oklahoma Tornadoes, Colorado Floods, and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Team Rubicon was recognized at the Clinton Global Initiative for their accomplishments during Hurricane Sandy.

Tyson Foods first launched its Meals that Matter unit during Hurricane Sandy. In 2013 it was deployed to Moore, Okla., for three weeks and served more than 80,000 meals in the aftermath of the devastating tornado.