Australian Pork Limited (APL) has commissioned ACIL Allen Consulting to undertake an independent review of APL's performance over the past three years. This review is required under the Statutory Funding Agreement (SFA) between APL and the Commonwealth Government.

The intent of this performance review is to assess APL's efficiency and effectiveness, including APL's accountability and transparency with government, levy payers and industry stakeholders. It will also assess APL's responsiveness to the government's research and development priorities, meeting its SFA obligations, implementing its plans, and the wider public good benefits of its activities.


The review is being conducted through June 9.

Stakeholder involvement, particularly APL members and non-member producers, is important to the success of this independent review. ACIL Allen Consulting will be facilitating eight telephone-based focus groups with APL members and non-member producers are invited to participate in. A schedule of telephone focus group sessions can be found on the APL website. Each focus group will last for about an hour and there is no cost to participate.