Sanderson Farms has nearly completed its $80 million project in Waco, Texas, which includes a new processing plant and hatchery. Bob Billingsley, director of development and engineering, Sanderson Farms, said that the company has already identified 90 growers to raise birds for this complex.

The farms are located in Leon, Robertson, Limestone, Falls and McLennan counties. The Waco complex will be a big bird complex, and birds are scheduled to be slaughtered at around 8 pounds. It is expected that they will reach this weight at about 60 days of age. Processing at the plant will commence the first Monday in August. Production should reach 1.2 million chickens per week sometime in 2008.


Sanderson Farms’ investment in the Waco processing plant is expected to be $55 million. Investment in the new hatchery should be $13.5 million, and the expansion at the Easterly, Texas, feed mill will cost $11.5 million. When operating at capacity in 2008, the plant and hatchery combined should employ around 1,400 people.