The recent Aviagen Parent Stock Management School in Russia attracted a record 60 attendees. Delegates from Russia, Lithuania and Belarus were in attendance.

The weeklong school included a series of theoretical and practical sessions prepared by Aviagen with support of international Aviagen experts from the UK, Croatia and Ukraine.

The aim of the school is to provide a challenging and interesting mix of theory and practical support. At the school, students were asked to tackle a series of tasks including answering assessment questions and resolving hypothetical management issues on the farm as part of a group, then presenting their findings to the rest of the school.

Presentations at Aviagen Parent Stock Management School

Technical Service Manager Roman Stepanov’s presentation about key points of chick placement and the brooding stage allowed delegates to have a mental check of all the small but important details that can affect production parameters in the future.

A series of technical presentations were made by a number of Aviagen technical service managers covering critical points of female management. Kruno Bosilj spoke about female management between brooding and production, while Goran Slunjski discussed female management between peak and the end of production, and Petro Kurechko talked about key male management issues.

The veterinary section of the school was presented by Akos Klausz, company veterinarian, Aviagen Limited, who discussed biosecurity issues. As always, these presentations created a lot of discussion between attendees, as people come from many different regions of a large country where each region has its own specific veterinary issues.


In addition to theory, students enjoyed a practical session of bird assessment which offered a chance to demonstrate their ability to look at and handle live birds to assess their quality. They were then asked to carry out some post-mortems in groups during the veterinary section.

Fun and celebration

To let hard working delegates relax after a day’s teaching, school organizers in the evening offered them an excursion to an old monastery and a trip to the sanctuary for European bison, paintball, soap making sessions and other team-building events.

The school came to a close in an appropriately grand setting, with a gala barbeque dinner on the closing night which included an entertainment programme including singers, magicians and a stunning firework display.

Eduard Taktarov, sales director of Aviagen, said: “We are extremely pleased and proud to have managed organizing a weeklong school for 60 guests with such success. We had a lot of very positive feedback from many delegates.”

Oksana Karpenko, ZAO Agrocomplex, was named best student of the school. She was presented with a mobile phone to reward her achievements.