Russian meat firm Cherkizovo has posted higher poultry and pork sales in the first half of 2009, according to Reuters. Poultry sales rose 5% to 92,840 metric tons while pork sales went up 8% to 21,250 metric tons.

Though the firm's products drew higher prices in rubles they declined in dollar prices because of the depreciation of Russian currency. Poultry prices registered a 16% rise to 72.32 roubles per kg, but went down 15% in dollar terms to $21.19 per kg. Pork prices rose 23% to 75.41 roubles per kg but fell 11% in dollar terms to $2.28 per kg.


Meat sales dropped 14% to 61,550 metric tons, mainly due to a fall in sales of low-margin processed meat products and reduced consumption outside Russia's major cities. The meat processing division of the firm saw average prices per kg rise 17% to 111.43 roubles. In dollar terms, prices fell 15% to $3.37.