A proposed Hillandale Farms egg layer farm and feed mill in York County, Pennsylvania, is seeing opposition from neighbors.

The proposal for the facilities is listed under both U.S. egg company Hillandale Farms and James Bailey, reported 21 News. Bailey already operates one poultry farm on adjacent property, but neighbors have expressed concerns that the newly proposed operations may be more than the area can handle.

Area resident Brian Kaltreider said he was worried about increased truck traffic and increased water use, should the proposed operations be realized. Kaltreider is a former township manager, who resigned from his position so he could oppose the plans. He is also concerned that the proposed project could hurt property values in the area.


A group called the York County Friends of Family Farmers, of which Kaltreider is a member, is meeting weekly with larger public meetings held monthly, where the proposed egg farm and feed mill are the key topics of discussion.

Hillandale Farms, according to the WATT Global Media Top Companies Database, is the seventh largest egg producer in the United States, housing an estimated 9 million laying hens. The company has production facilities in the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast and supplies retailers and distributors throughout the eastern half of the United States.