Dr. Mike Bedford, AB Vista’s Research Director, will make a presentation of the critical factors influencing feed enzyme efficacy in poultry diets, during the first full day of the 40th Annual Convention of the National Association of Poultry Science Specialists of Mexico (ANECA*).

Covering the two main classes of feed enzyme – non-starch polysaccharide (NSP)-degrading enzymes and phytases – both individually and when used in combination, Dr. Bedford’s talk will highlight the complex interactions that take place between enzymes, their respective target substrates and the gut environment.


“The U.S. $1 billion feed enzyme market is dominated by NSP-degrading enzymes and phytases,” Dr. Bedford states. “The main reason for their use is economic benefit, yet the efficacy with which this is achieved depends on a wide range of complex interactions that take place within the bird.

“Such interactions are even more complex when using two different classes of enzyme in combination. A detailed understanding of how each affects performance is therefore critical if return on investment made in feed enzymes is to be maximized.”

The latest research has also highlighted the importance of how enzymes within each class can indirectly change gut microflora.

* Asociación Nacional De Especialistas En Ciencias Avícolas De México