A massive fire hit part of a Perdigão plant, located at the municipality of Rio Verde, Goiás state, the morning of March 21.

Close to 3,000 employees were in the plant at the time of the fire, but firemen evacuated everyone and no one was hurt.

Perdigão said plant operations resumed, partially, on March 24, less than a week after the incident. The pork processing line was fully operational, while the poultry processing plant was operating at two-thirds capacity. The company said its market supply would not be adversely affected.

The fire started in the boiler located in the further processing unit. Strong winds caused it to reach other areas of the complex.


The company said no ammonia spillage occurred, as media initially reported.

The plant is one of the largest in the sector in Latin America. The complex has the capacity to process 2.5 million birds and 27,000 pigs a week, in addition to producing 250,000 metric tons of sausages and frozen products per year.


The Perdigão plant, located at the municipality of Rio Verde, Goiás state, where a fire broke out the morning of March 21.