The DLG-Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs – situated in Gross-Umstadt just outside Frankfurt – sets the standard for testing agricultural machinery and equipment and farm inputs. Using the latest in modern measuring instrumentation and equipment and practice-driven testing methods, the DLG test engineers put product developments and innovations to the test. The measurements are in line with international standards and norms as well as test procedures developed in-house and based on practical requirements.

As an EU-notified test laboratory with multiple accreditations, the DLG Test Center provides farmers and practitioners with important information and decision-making aids, in the form of its recognized technology tests and DLG tests, to assist in the planning of investments in agricultural technologies and farm inputs.


DLG quality labels and seals of approval are notable accomplishments for manufacturers and designs. When a product receives the DLG FokusTest Label, it has passed usability testing intended to allow product differentiation and to highlight innovations in machinery and technical products. The designs in question are used primarily in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, fruit cultivation and viticulture, landscape, and municipal management.

The DLG Fokus Test focuses on analyzing a product's individual qualitative criteria, e.g. fatigue strength, performance, or quality of work. The scope of testing can include criteria from the testing framework of a DLG SignumTest, the DLG's extensive usability test for technical products, and concludes with the publishing of a test report and the awarding of a test mark.