The largest turkey poult hatchery not only in Russia but in Europe as a whole is now in operation. Owned by Eurodon, Russia’s biggest turkey meat producer, the first batch to be incubated comprised 64,000 eggs.

The new hatchery is a further step in the company’s plan to be among the five largest turkey meat producers in the world, and is part of a new complex that will see the company increase its annual turkey meat production from 45,000 tons to 130,000 tons.

Located in the region of Rostov, the new hatchery’s incubator has an annual capacity of 17.6 million eggs. The facility was built with technology and equipment sourced from Belgium and Germany.


The investment forms part of the company’s new Ust-Donetsky large scale turkey meat production complex. Still under construction are a feed mill, while the site’s processing facilities continue to be equipped.

Construction of the hatchery started in August 2014, and the company notes that it was finished in “record time.”