On the heels of the Federal Agricultural Tax strike declared last week across the country, the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) reports growing concern over the negative impact the movement is having on poultry and swine producers, and the exporting sector of the country.

The reports provided by member companies say they have not cleared scheduled poultry, pork and egg containers for export due to the lack of heath certificate signatures; a mandatory requirement for the exporting process. As a result, there are being losses reported, as recognized by companies in the sector.


In dealing with this issue, the ABPA is concerned with the consequences of the strike among poultry and swine exporters. In a period of severe economic crisis, the recorded growth in exports in recent months from these sectors have played an important role in generating foreign exchange for Brazil and the preservation of jobs and income, especially within major cities.

With this in mind, the ABPA is appealing to the good sense of the strike movement so shipments can resume and avoid further damage to the sectors, in addition to protecting the image of the country with international clients.