Pig breeding company RA-SE Genetics has sent its first shipment of breeding pigs from Belgium to Columbia. The company announced that 40 breeding pigs left for Pereira, Colombia, earlier in September.

The pure line animals and MaxiMus boars will first be quarantined in Colombia and then delivered to several companies, including both local breeders and bigger integrators.

A second group of pigs from RA-SE Genetics is scheduled to be sent to Colombia in November.


As Colombia has very strict health protocols this delivery was only made possible after the shipments of frozen pig semen and the introduction of the GENmatch breeding program at one of the local producers.

RA-SE Genetics has built up a genetic pyramid which can fulfil the two requirements of future pig husbandry: uniform groups of breeding stock of a high quality and a secure, known health status. This is the only way for a breeding company to secure the future for themselves and their customers, the company stated.

MaxiMus boars were chosen as the piglets have high viability at birth and a better and more uniform weaning weight, according to the company. Also in tropical conditions, this boar guarantees a very meaty finishing pig with a high daily gain.