JYGA Technologies, designer and manufacturer of the Gestal feeding systems, has named Dr. Hyatt Frobose as its new United States Territory Manager and Swine Nutrition Specialist.

Dr. Frobose will be in charge of managing and increasing the sales and distribution network of Gestal’s branded products. He will also serve in a technical role, specializing in applied research in swine nutrition. Given the increasing demand for the Gestal Solo in lactation and the Gestal 3G in gestation group housing, JYGA Technologies expands its efforts in the US, and Dr. Frobose will spearhead this drive.

"The importance of precision feeding, animal welfare and labor problematics are among today’s producers’ challenges" noted Stephane Clement, Vice-President of JYGA Technologies. "Hyatt Frobose’s comprehensive understanding and skills will help our R&D team, sales network and most importantly provide a resource to our clients."


Dr. Frobose recently completed his Ph.D. in swine management and nutrition at Kansas State University. Hyatt received his B.S and M.S. degrees from KSU and was a 2010 US Fulbright Scholar to Australia. Hyatt’s doctoral research evaluated stimulating estrus in sows during late lactation as a means to improve sow welfare and the use of novel feeding technology to optimize sow performance.

His research efforts resulted in multiple graduate awards, including the Larry Corah Outstanding Ph.D. Student at K-State in 2015, and the 2014 winner of the Ph.D. Oral Research Presentation at the Midwest Section American Society of Animal Science meetings.

Hyatt has authored or co-authored 5 refereed journal articles and 22 refereed research abstracts. His philosophy of “Using management, technology and innovation to enhance animal welfare and optimize animal productivity” parallels the business principles of JYGA Technologies.