Consumer demands for food to be the right price, the right quality and safe to eat are fundamental principles that will not change even under current circumstances of the alarm over influenza viruses and the effects of the economic crisis worldwide, said former European Union commissioner Dr. David Byrne.

He was speaking at a global media teleconference ahead of Alltech’s 25th symposium on animal health and nutrition that takes place May 17-20 in Lexington, Ky.

Dr. Byrne will be this year's recipient of the Alltech Medal of Excellence. He indicated that his response to the award will highlight the "Triple A" threats to consumer confidence caused by antimicrobial resistance in disease agents, the presence of viruses capable of passing from animals to humans and the contamination of crop products with potentially carcinogenic aflatoxins.


He aligned food safety and traceability with the symposium's theme of sustainability, which Alltech vice president Aidan Connolly said remained an extremely important focus for animal agriculture with the added aspect of an economic imperative. Today, he said, you will not stay in business unless what you do and what you produce are sustainable. 

About 950 people from 70 countries have registered to attend the symposium. Thehe line-up of 88 speakers will address seven focus areas of species and topics.