Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) announces its new regionally focused branding strategy, based on the company’s cornerstone brands: Kent® and Blue Seal®. KNG is passionate about animal nutrition and has two iconic brands that, when combined, have served their respective markets for more than two centuries.

Both brands are grounded in the same values and principles—high-quality nutritional products, personal service and long-standing relationships based on mutual trust. Through in-depth market research, a new strategic direction was created to reposition the iconic brands as regional brands in their traditional trade areas of business.

“We are pleased to offer the Kent brand in the Midwest and the Blue Seal brand in the East as part of our modified regional brand strategy,” said John Thorpe, president of Kent Nutrition Group. “Under this new regional strategy, both brands will sell the same products, but the Kent or Blue Seal brand will be used in the respective region.”

For example, both regions will sell the same product families of equine feeds, but they will be sold under the Kent brand in the Midwest and under the Blue Seal brand in the East. The only exception to this modified regional brand strategy will be that commercial beef, commercial swine and show feeds will be sold under the Kent brand in both the Midwest and East regions.


The change in strategy was not made lightly. Analysis of multiple in-depth market research studies and senior-level strategic planning sessions led to a plan that would best meet customers’ future animal nutrition needs while, at the same time, help KNG maintain its market leadership position and remain a viable, forward-thinking company.

“KNG’s mission is to be the most trusted and preeminent regionally focused animal nutrition company in the country,” said Mark Krieger, vice president of marketing. “This new branding focus allows us to be more responsive to our customers’ needs, while both the Kent and Blue Seal brands continue their legacy of quality started by our founders and exemplified by our brand promise: Quality animal nutrition that you can trust—guaranteed.”

KNG will introduce updated packaging for its equine and poultry product lines in early 2016 that will reflect the new branding structure.