Palital Feed Additives is expanding its production site and international sales office. Where sales increase, production rises. The company expands by integrating the neighboring building in Velddriel, the Netherlands into its operations.

Due to the increasing demand for the butyrate concepts of Palital, the production capacity was no longer sufficient to cope with the demand. By installing an additional reactor in the plant in Velddriel, the production capacity of butyrate concepts will more than double.

As from June 2015, Palital’s international sales office, now operates from a new building.


Conveniently situated next door to the existing plant, it also offers extra storage and warehouse space, creating more effective space in the current production plant.

Increased sales have seen an increase in key sales personnel both in the field and sales office, as well as an expansion in the nutrition department. Customer services has been expanded to be able to provide a comprehensive service to our growing customer base.

“We can be proud that in six years Palital has become known as a trusted and acknowledged name in the field of butyrates, currently selling on five continents,” said Managing Director Henry van den Bighelaar. “The increasing awareness to reduce antibiotic growth promoters (AGP’s) while maintaining animal performance and health is a major challenge. Palital is in a strong position to offer effective and economically attractive alternatives, and sees an increasing demand for its unique butyrate concepts.”