Quick service restaurant chain Wendy’s is planning to phase out serving pork and bacon sourced from farms that use gestation stalls, the company recently announced. The company has set 2022 as its target to source only crate-free pork.

The move away from gestation stalls is part of the chain’s Supplier Code of Conduct, released on November 23.


Since its founding in 1969 by Dave Thomas, Wendy's has operated under a core set of values and has enjoyed long-standing, collaborative relationships with some of the food industry's leading suppliers. This Code of Conduct takes into account the current best practices and standards of Wendy's supply chain and also identifies future aspirations to encourage continuous improvement in a meaningful way.  

"When Dave Thomas was eight-years-old he dreamed he'd run the best restaurant in the world," said Emil Brolick, Wendy’s president and CEO. "Under his leadership, Wendy's helped to lead the way to set and enforce standards for the humane care of animals raised for our food as part of a responsible, safe and sustainable food supply chain.  Additionally, because of Dave's commitment to quality, he only wanted the freshest ingredients; therefore, he created an infrastructure that has allowed us to serve beef that has never been frozen along with other fresh ingredients, like iceberg and romaine lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries in our more than 6,000 North American restaurants."