APC, Inc. has added new UV Photopurification technology to its processing of porcine plasma products. UV-C light is widely recognized for its ability to kill microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria. The technology is used extensively in the food industry to purify drinking water, juices and wine.

APC and UV-C manufacturer SurePure worked together over the past four years to validate the patented Turbulator design would inactivate microorganisms in liquid plasma. APC is the only company utilizing SurePure UV Photopurification for animal blood products, and has exclusive rights to the technology. "We are extremely pleased that APC, Inc., with very high standards and a global reputation, will be using SurePure's equipment,” said Guy Kebble, SurePure's CEO.

APC is committed to ongoing research and investment to bring new technologies to the feed industry. “Spray Dried Porcine Plasma is a unique feed ingredient with properties that are not duplicated by using other ingredients in swine diets,” explained Louis Russell, CEO of APC, Inc. “The addition of UV technology to an already robust production system represents the next generation of spray dried plasma products.”


APC has completed installation of the new UV Photopurification equipment in its Arion, IA manufacturing facility. Porcine plasma products manufactured with this new technology are now available to customers.

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