Pipestone Holdings has plans to build a facility that would house more than 9,000 sows near Buffalo, North Dakota.

According to a report from the Grand Forks Herald, The North Dakota Department of Public Health intends to approve the permit submitted by a limited liability partnership affiliated with Pipestone called Rolling Green Family Farms RE.

However, the plan is not being welcomed by many people in the area, who have expressed apprehension about potential odors and other environmental concerns. During a recent community meeting, those concerns, as well as worries about how neighbors were not aware of the plan until it was nearly a reality, were expressed.

Buffalo Mayor Antioinette Babcock, at the meeting, said she would find it difficult to support the project, because of the apparent secrecy.


Others at the meeting found favor with the proposed farm.

Pipestone Holdings representatives said the company followed the legal process and that the farm would provide the community with an economic boost.

The state public health department will accept letters from members of the public with concerns about the proposed farm. If enough letters are received, a public hearing could be scheduled at a later date, Babcock told those attending the meeting.