One week after Romanian animal health officials reported that the Newcastle disease situation has been resolved in the country, the virus was confirmed in a broiler farm there.

Romania’s National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority reported to the World Organsiation for Animal Health (OIE) that a broiler farm of 70,000 chickens in Prahova County had been infected. More than 13,300 32-week-old chickens were affected by Newcastle disease, with 4,455 fatal cases.

According to the OIE, the birds were vaccinated against Newcastle disease on March 3, March 17 and April 3, but the organization added that the probably procedure of vaccination has not been respected.

Control measures applied included disinfection, quarantine, stamping out, surveillance, zoning and control of wildlife reservoirs.

OIE stated it will submit weekly follow-up reports on the Newcastle disease situation until it is resolved.


Earlier case of Newcastle disease in Romania

The Romanian National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority had just reported to the OIE on April 4 that the Newcastle disease situation had been resolved.

Also in Prahova County, a flock of layer hens had tested positive for Newcastle disease in November 2015. In that case, 510 birds died as a result of Newcastle disease, while another 1,070 chickens in the flock were destroyed.

With all depopulation and disinfecting activities satisfactorily completed, the Newcastle disease outbreak was considered resolved.