Aviagen®, the world’s leading poultry breeding company, today announced that it participated in the Poultry Industry Council (PIC) London Poultry Show, April 6-7. The show took place at the newly renovated 90,000 square foot Metroland Media Agriplex in the Western Fair District of London, Ontario, Canada.

Aviagen’s Canadian team led by Regional Business Consultant Scott Gillingham joined close to 180 poultry industry exhibitors at show, spotlighting the 60th anniversary of the Aviagen Ross® brand, as well as the company’s successful global reach, local touch business approach.

Celebrating 60 years of success in poultry genetics, the Ross brand is renowned worldwide for its diversified product portfolio.

Aviagen’s popular Ross products are characterized by ongoing genetic improvements that continually optimize quality and performance for Aviagen customers.

Within this portfolio, the Ross 308 broiler breeder has long riveted the Canadian poultry industry with its favorable growth rate and feed efficiency, as well as a strength and consistency of performance that Canadian customers have grown to rely on. The Ross 708 is also quite popular in the Canadian market with its exceptional meat yield.

In keeping with its “global reach, local touch” business approach, last year Aviagen acquired a new hatchery in Watertown, N.Y., to better serve the needs of its Canadian customers. The new Aviagen Watertown hatchery is located 30 miles (50 km) south of Ontario and will employ 40 people when it opens in June. Equipped with the latest state-of-the art incubation equipment, the Aviagen Watertown Hatchery has the capacity to produce 530,000 eggs per week.

“Aviagen’s acquisition of the Watertown Hatchery reinforces our continued commitment to our Canadian customer base. The close proximity of the hatchery will heighten our ability to supply the best quality chicks and support their success with the latest flock advice and management practices,” says Frank Dougherty, Aviagen’s vice president of sales for North America. “The new hatchery acquisition is an example of our theme of ‘global reach, local touch’ put into practice. This approach to our business means that, as we continue on our journey of global expansion, we remain centered on the success of our local people, farms and communities.”

At the show on April 6, Gillingham shared his expertise regarding the topic of “Early Chick Performance and Best Brooding Management Practices” during a seminar hosted by the Chicken Farmers of Ontario.

Hosted each April by the PIC, the London Poultry Show is one of North America’s premier gatherings of poultry industry professionals. Its participating vendors demonstrate the industry’s latest and greatest products, services and technological developments, including incubators, humidifiers, vaccine manufacturing technology and poultry processing equipment.

The London Poultry Show is regularly well attended, with previous events entertaining nearly 4,000 visitors.