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Leaders from Novogen and the Friesen Group Companies have entered into a partnership, increasing Novogen's presence in North America. | Novogen
on June 6, 2016

France’s Novogen gains North American partnerships

The Friesen Group’s Pacific Pride Chicks and Featherland Farms have fully committed to the Novogen product portfolio

French genetics company Novogen has strengthened its presence in North America. After an intensive testing period, the Friesen Group Companies' Pacific Pride Chicks Ltd., Abbotsford, British Columbia, and Featherland Farms Ltd., Sumas, Washington, have both made a move to support and solely commit to the Novogen product portfolio.

According to a press release from Novogen, this step for the hatchery divisions of the Friesen Group is an important element in their corporate strategy and in preparation for the demands of present and future markets. Marvin Friesen, CEO of the Friesen Group, is very pleased with the Novogen product performance. Not only in regard to how the company has diversified its product offering with supplying both the Novogen Brown and the Novogen White to meet customer needs, but also how well the company serves its customers.

Friesen Group clients said they are encouraged with the performance of the Novogen Brown and the Novogen White laying hens. Persistency, intact feathers, improved feed intake and shell strength are just some of the positive aspects of the Novogen products that customers are highlighting.

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