Poultry production generates emissions of dust, ammonia and odors that can impact on air quality both within poultry housing and in the environment. The subject of emission control will be addressed during EuroTier 2016, scheduled for November 15-18 in Hanover, Germany.

This EuroTier special aims to provide information about process-integrated emission control measures (so-called indoor control measures) for minimizing the emissions of dust, ammonia and odors. If found to be verifiably effective, these processes can constitute an alternative to end-of-pipe solutions for exhaust air purification and have the added advantage of not only reducing emissions, but also offering benefits in terms of animal welfare and health and improving working conditions for operators.

The following areas will be addressed:

  • Flooring (special bedding materials or bedding additives)
  • Feeding (feed additives or adaptive feeding)
  • Air conditioning technology (heat exchangers)

The special will be integrated with the series of presentations in the EuroTier Poultry Forum in terms of both location and technical focus. Expert consultants will be available as part of the special, and the Poultry Forum will address the topic in the form of panel discussions.