EuroTierSome 2,400 exhibitors have already signed up to participate at EuroTier 2016, which takes place later this year in Hanover, Germany. More than 1,300 of these companies are coming from some 54 countries to exhibit at the event, which takes place from 15th to 18th November.

EuroTier organizer DLG is expecting the final exhibitor number to reach 2,500 by the time the exhibition gets underway in four months. The top international exhibitors that will be showcasing their innovations for the livestock sector at the event are the Netherlands with 230 companies, followed by China (170), France (150), Italy (130) and Turkey (60).

"The number of registrations already underlines EuroTier’s position as the world's leading exhibition for agricultural animal production," said EuroTier Project Manager Dr. Karl Schlösser. “The exceptionally high exhibitor interest from abroad already represents an increase of about one-third compared to 2014, which is a clear sign of the growing importance of the EuroTier as a hub for the international markets.”
Every aspect of livestock production is covered
With its comprehensive offering of products and services for animal production across all species, EuroTier is a key meeting place for livestock farmers wanting to learn what current solutions are available, as well as what will be coming in the future. The leading companies operating in the dairy, beef, pig and poultry sectors will all be represented in Hanover later this year with also a smaller section on sheep at the exhibition. And there will be a particularly strong poultry presence this year, as the World Poultry Show will also take place within EuroTier 2016.

The range of products and services on display at EuroTier this year will be larger than previous editions of the fair, especially in the cross-species sectors such as feedstuffs, equipment for milling, mixing and pelleting of feed, and animal health, but there will also be air conditioning equipment being shown this November.

Other areas covered at the fair include: breeding stock, breeding programs and reproduction technology; feed storage; animal housing, including controlled-environment technology; machinery and equipment for animal husbandry and feeding; milking equipment and milk storage systems; machinery and equipment for storing and handling solid and liquid manure; food processing equipment; and advisory, management and consultancy services.
Bioenergy developments will be showcased
EuroTier 2016 will also feature EnergyDecentral, which will showcase a broad range of technological developments in the areas of bioenergy, renewable energy and the technology and concepts surrounding decentralized energy. Located in dedicated exhibition halls at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds, this specialist section has excellent synergy with the agricultural livestock technologies featured at the fair.

EnergyDecentral project manager Marcus Vagt says that more than 300 companies have already booked stands to appear at this international trade fair for innovative energy supply. Biogas, cogeneration, energy from straw and wood, and wind power are among the largest product groups to be featured, while the decentralized energy section will include intelligent networking, energy storage and contracting.

EnergyDecentral also gets a special feature for 2016 where the topic is "CHP – Maintenance and Service". This will shows clearly what is required for maintaining and optimizing highly complex Combined Heat and Power systems.
In addition, the German Biogas Association will hold its new BIOGAS Convention on the EuroTier site for the first time during this November’s exhibition.
Worldwide Innovation Showcase
EuroTier is recognised as a global innovation showcase for technical machinery and equipment for professional animal husbandry. Numerous exhibitors will time their innovation launches to coincide with EuroTier in Hanover, where they will be able to display their new products to the international markets. DLG’s neutral and international commission of experts will once again be judging entries for the EuroTier innovations awards. Selected according to strict criteria, the best products will be awarded DLG’s highly prized gold and silver medals.
Beef and dairy genetics on display in the Top Tier Treff
All the leading national and international cattle breeding organizations will be represented in the presentation of daughter animals at EuroTier’s “Top Tier Treff” (top cattle genetics show). In Hall 11 the dairy breeds Holsteins, Angeln, Brown Cattle, Simmental, Brown Swiss and German Simmental are expected to be presented at the Hanover Fairgrounds. Expected beef breeds that will be represented include: Angus, Aubrac, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Charolais, Galloway, Hereford, Highland Cattle, Limousin, Uckermark, Wagyu cattle, and Welsh Black, and possibly the rare dual-purpose breeds Grey Mountain and Pinzgauer.

This presentation of cattle diversity caters to the steadily increasing need for information on the part of cattle breeders from all over the world. The breeding companies and organizations will provide information about the top sires in their breeding programmes, with details of the corresponding hereditary performance and merits.
Aquaculture at the EuroTier 2016
Aquaculture is an international growth market and an integral part of EuroTier 2016. Leading companies – including suppliers of modern fish farm technology related to husbandry, feeding and feed, networks and innovative water treatment systems, have already registered, and will present their latest developments in Hanover.
For the first time, an AQUAculture InfoCenter can be found at the fair. With the title "Growth in the water instead of on the surface", it offers advice and a special area for living exhibits: fish, seaweed, shrimp, shellfish. Practical lectures, discussions and an extensive consultation area will complement the wide range of exhibitors.
bpt Congress again coincides with EuroTier
The German Federation of Veterinary Practitioners (bpt) is holding its annual congress and associated exhibition "Veterinary Medicine" to coincide with EuroTier 2016. Jointly organized by the DLG and bpt, the "International Animal Health Event" will also take place. This will serve veterinarians primarily in Germany but international veterinarians may take advantage too.  
New: Special "Healthy udders throughout the year"
At EuroTier 2016, the “Healthy udders throughout the year” special feature can be found in Hall 12. Here, milk producers will find a large area dedicated to practical solutions and recommendations for improving udder health. The feature will give dairy farmers the opportunity to learn about new consulting concepts with a view to assessing the health situation of their own herd and how to improve it. They will also be guided through the dairy cow “work year”, broken down in the three sections: lactation, transit and dry period.
The assessment of the herd status via the udder health indicators of the German Association for Performance and Quality tests (DLQ), and important factors related to this, will be displayed clearly and practically. Experts will be available to discuss udder health for the duration of the fair.
Exhibitors at EuroTier can participate in the Udder Health Special with technical papers, posters or video clips. The aim is to provide visitors with simple and actionable messages that will help to improve the udder health in individual animals and the herd, and ultimately contribute to economic success of the dairy farmer.
New: Special "Future-proofing pig finishing "
The way in which pigs are kept is no longer the focus of pig farmers alone. Increasingly, society in general is calling for more say in how animals are produced and the environment protected. In many countries, this has already resulted in policies being introduced to influence housing systems. But, how can we create enough confidence in the pig sector to encourage the investment required to improve existing housing and develop husbandry systems that take into account these new environmental and animal welfare objectives?
These questions will be answered at this year's EuroTier special feature targeted at the pig industry. "Future-proofing pig finishing", organized by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) together with Bauförderung Landwirtschaft (BFL), follows on from Specials examining novel ideas for the group housing of sows (2010), the management of farrowing sows (2012) and the care of piglets (2014).

Another issue that is becoming increasingly important is the search for alternative marketing opportunities for pigs. This is not only driven by the poor current financial returns, but also the ending of castration without anesthesia, which will require alternative production methods to be adopted.

The EuroTier Special will be closely integrated with, and sited near to the venue of, this year’s Pig Forum presentations. And independent consultants, as well as professional pig stockmen, will be present at the special feature to answer visitors’ questions and discuss the topics being presented.
New: Special "Indoor Emission Control – measures to reduce emissions"
Dust, ammonia and odor emissions from poultry buildings can affect the environment both inside and outside the barn. In this year’s EuroTier poultry special feature, exhibitors will provide information about “indoor” process-integrated measures to minimize these emissions. Methods will naturally include exhaust air purification systems that have clear anti-pollution effects, but there will also be other approaches and methods – including special bedding materials or litter additives, feed additives or customized feeding and air conditioning – that could also bring positive effects on animal health and animal welfare, and the working conditions of the stockmen.

The special feature will be situated close to, and planned in coordination with, the presentation series in the Poultry Forum. Here poultry experts will be available to answer questions and to take part in discussions on forum topics.
Future forum on professional animal husbandry
EuroTier provides the world’s leading forum looking at the future of professional animal husbandry. Here, technology trends related to modern animal husbandry and animal breeding are traditionally identified and fully explored.

Together with partners from industry, academia, consultancy, associations and organizations, the DLG will once again present an extensive technical program to complement the offerings of the exhibitors. This will include international conferences and events on current trends and important developments in the industry.

On the eve of the exhibition opening (November 14, 2016), the Hanover Fairgrounds Convention Center (CC) will become the meeting places for top international farmers and advisors taking part in the EuroTier Cattle & Pig Event and the International Poultry Event. These are important events for knowledge exchange that will take on current topics and thus provide pioneering insights from high-level speakers.
Young Farmers Day
Also looking to the future, EuroTier 2016 will again feature a "young farmers’ day", on November 17, for young farmers and students of agriculture from home and abroad. The program includes a EuroTier jobs forum, a future farmers Congress and meeting places to meet and exchange experiences with other young farmers. The highlight of the day, however, will be the popular "Young Farmers Party".
Campus & Career
With the Campus & Career section at EuroTier 2016, DLG offers a platform for professionals looking for a career in science and research. Taking place in Hall 26, this section provides the opportunity to get in touch with companies looking for staff to inform themselves, as well as finding out about possible teaching, study or training opportunities, or even the latest developments in research.
Multilingual information on the Internet
The DLG has made a wide range of information about EuroTier 2016 available on the internet in German, English and several other languages. The EuroTier website is constantly updated and includes information about exhibitors, the innovations at the fair and about the technical program. International visitors can also find the DLG-Travel Service, which has contacts in nearly 50 countries.