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young pigs in pasture | Bernard Bodo
on August 15, 2016

Managing better pig health with a more knowledgeable staff

Caregiver training programs yield better disease prevention and limit costs

Training caregivers to recognize early signs of illness in individual pigs helps reduce the progression and spread of disease, while limiting related costs. "Taking a closer look"  is  emphasized in the Zoetis-sponsored caregiver training programs, which promote early detection and treatment of disease through the concept of “individual pig care.”
In 2013, Journal of Swine Health and Production published two large studies designed to measure the impact of the Zoetis trainings on mortality, productivity and treatment costs in nursery pigs, compared to standard of care without training. In the groups that received training, coaches taught caregivers to examine each pig daily, employing a disease-severity system to differentiate suboptimal pigs. The system classified these pigs at early, moderate and advanced stages of the disease, or requiring humane euthanasia.
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