The first round of employees displaced by the February 25  fire at the House of Raeford Farms plant in Teachey, North Carolina, have been reassigned to work at the company’s facility in Rose Hill, North Carolina.

The plant was commonly known within the company as the Wallace plant.

All Wallace plant managers—with the exception of some refrigeration and maintenance managers assisting with clean-up and next steps at the Wallace plant—have officially moved to Rose Hill.  All Wallace plant supervisors and line lead personnel were to begin reporting to the Rose Hill plant on the evening of February 28 and morning of March 1. Meanwhile, the first group of production employees will begin work in the Rose Hill plant beginning this March 5-6 

House of Raeford’s human resources team and managers will continue with reassignment plans, and conducting individual outreach to each employee. Wallace plant employee reassignments will continue each week as needed in order to meet the staffing requirements of the Rose Hill plant. 


House of Raeford committed to rebuilding plant operations                                                                                                    

Speaking during a special news conference on February 27, Dave Witter, House of Raeford sustainability and communications manager expressed the company’s thanks to the emergency workers and others who have helped during the difficult time. On behalf of the Johnson and Beasley families, the owners of House of Raeford Farms, he also reassured the workers of the company’s commitment to them and to the community.

“The families with to express their deep and renewed commitment to the Wallace/Rose Hill community, and the many men and women who have worked and continue to work for House of Raeford at this facility. The family fully intends to rebuild operations in the Wallace area as soon as possible,” said Witter.

“The groundswell of support that has come from this community is amazing, heartfelt and appreciated.”