Aviagen Kft in Hungary recently opened a new hatchery to meet the growing demand for its parent stock (PS) in the region. Aviagen worked closely with Petersime for the project design and the incubator and hatchery equipment.

Aviagen invested $13 million in the new facility, which has a PS capacity of 10 million per year, with room to expand by 20% in the future. Petersime, world leader in incubation and hatchery equipment, supplied the hatchery designs, as well as the incubators.

Balázs Takács, Aviagen General Director, said, “The investment in the hatchery at Mezőörs is evidence of the popularity and success of our products in the Central and Eastern European region. The new facility with state-of-the-art technology enables us to serve our expanding parent stock customer base. It also offers us the flexibility to grow in line with increasing demand in the future.”


The new facility uses the Petersime BioStreamer Re-Store, which restores the viability of stored eggs, narrows the hatch window and produces more uniform chicks by applying heat treatments. After the heat treatment, the chicks are set in Petersime BioStreamer 4S or 12S setters and 4H or 8H hatchers, all equipped with the latest Operational Excellence Technology that guarantees a uniform airflow and cooling and that considers the stage of embryonic development for optimal accuracy. The hatchery is strategically located close to GP farms and benefits from strong infrastructure and transportation links as well as excellent health and bio-security standards.


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